The Big Ask Our Big Ask is that governments commit to reduce emissions – year on year, every year

19 January 2015

The Irish government has finally published the long awaited Climate Action and Low Carbon Development Bill 2015. Friends of the Earth Ireland welcome the publication of the bill, but expressed dismay that this current draft does not include any targets for reducing carbon emissions and allows for a potential delay of up to 2 years before any plan to reduce carbon emissions in Ireland is implemented.

26 June 2014

Finland and Denmark have recently become the latest countries to adopt binding climate laws.

In June, measures were agreed in Copenhagen to move the country towards a low-emissions society by 2050, while the Finnish government committed to 80% CO2 reductions by 2050.

Denmark, Finland

The European 'Big Ask' campaign brings together Friends of the Earth groups in countries across Europe all with the same big ask - that their governments commit to reduce carbon emissions, year on year, every year. The campaign calls for cuts in emissions equal to a reduction of EU-wide domestic emissions of at least 40 per cent, without offsetting, by 2020.


The Big Ask is engaging hundreds of thousands of people across Europe and empowering them to influence decisions taken by both national government and the European Union.

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