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23 June 2014

The World Cup kicked off in Brazil this month, amidst protests across the country against the high cost of the stadiums, corruption, police brutality and forced evictions. Friends of the Earth Flanders and Brussels (Climaxi) is marking the World Cup with a public vote for the worst corporate sponsors of the tournament. The World Cup Greenwash award aims to expose greenwashing in the run-up to, and during, the tournament.

The candidates for the World Cup Greenwash award are:

Belgium (Flanders and Brussels)
11 May 2014

Friends of the Earth Austria/GLOBAL2000 today forced Verbund – the country’s largest electricity provider – to confront its continued burning of coal.

Activists arrived early in the morning to scale the company’s coal powered plant in Mellarch in the south of Austria and hang a 100 m2 banner reading “Verbund – get out of coal”.

The unveiling of the banner by the Austrian activists was in response to claims by Verbund that it produces 100% of its electricity from hydropower, while it persists in its use of one of Austria’s last few coal-fired plants.


Greenwashing is when advertising, public relations and lobbying efforts are at odds with the real environmental impacts of the advertiser's activities.


Not only does greenwash influence the choices consumers make, it affects the views and behaviour of policy-makers. Friends of the Earth Europe seeks to expose greenwash and ensure decision-makers and the public have access to accurate information about companies and their interests.

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